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During the first 24 hours, songs from Under the Rose were downloaded more than 9,000 times and as I am posting this, early Thursday Morning, the number has risen to 17,000. That’s a nice start. Roshi Joan will include a link and description of the album in the next Upaya newsletter.

The last rehearsal went well, and we came up with a set list. Morning Arrival in Goa is back in the set, Sao Paulo gains a new end-section with killer drumming, the new, and still unnamed tune will be performed, and we might do Serenity on Ultracloud… lots of new sections and changed grooves – killer groove for Heart Still/Beating:

Mercury is in retrograde. Backup yer computers. Get Canton’s retrograde widget here. This widget for Mac OS X helps you from being surprised when the planet Mercury “goes retrograde.”

File under oddity or sign of the times: I just bought the three CD set of A State of Wonder by Glenn Gould. Indeed wonderful recordings of Bach from 1955 and 1981, for $15.98. The mp3 album is $24.99. Nine dollars difference, and the mp3s cost MORE…

The Morning light is coming up and I have to get going. Must pack…


  1. Matt Callahan

    If you were to say we WILL be playing Serenity on Ultracloud, I’d be making flight arrangements.

  2. Luz

    @Matt…you took the words right out of my mouth!

  3. Ottmar

    We will start the second set with it.

  4. LindaW

    WOW.. its a real shame that I cant go now. I have a 2nd row seat that seems unused.

    Ottmar, if you wanna swing by on your way out of town I will give it to you to present to some lucky person! ;-)

  5. James

    That is a killer groove…and I am enlivened by it!

  6. dave

    Nice version of Heart Still/Beating. The trio = a modern mellow version of Cream. ;-)

  7. Panj

    I was going to say…God Speed!…but you guys are already there…:-)))
    …what a beautiful place to pause at, for you. And what a privelege it will be, to hear you all tommorow night!!! (hibbel)
    Thanks for the Mercury update…it explains a few oddities…LOL
    Dream Well!

  8. Panj

    LOVED the concert at Montalvo last night!!!…Thank You ALL!
    Here is my response to a request by Ticket Master for a review:
    “””What do I think of Ottmar’s Concert at Montalvo?
    Joyous exquisite genius magnificently executed by the entire Trio! Ottmar was astounding of course with his divine compositions and his art in playing both the acoustic and electric Guitars. He is a Master of weaving and expanding different elements into beautiful dreams! It was a splendid evening in a gorgeous setting, shared with wonderful folks and even a huge congregation of crickets, who insisted upon joining the Trio in wonderful harmony throughout. Can one do better? Magic!”””

  9. Brenda

    What a beautifully written review. Thanks for sharing.


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