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Under the Rose – on SoundCloud

Membership has its privileges… In a couple of weeks we will have a special webpage for the project at this location: ottmarliebert.com/rose. But, you can already listen to the music, and download 320kbps mp3s, at the above location on SoundCloud. Right now the first 5 tracks are available, the other half of the album will be uploaded this week.

Right now these tracks are just for you, but once the webpage at ottmarliebert.com/rose is up (((I will let you know when it’s ready, hopefully on September 15 or 22))) I would love it if you could let as many people as possible know about it. As I mentioned before, we are giving away the music for free.

Again, the location where you can download half the album now is:
Under the Rose – on SoundCloud

And now for something different. Per Steve’s request, more 24/96 files!

You can download the song Sao Paulo, from the album Up Close, in all its 24bit 96kHz glory here. This is a 248MB file. Your computer may or may not play back 24bit files – consult your manuals or friends. Download the file if you have a 24/96 digital-to-analog converter, or to store if you might aquire one someday. :-)

And remember, you have to use headphones to hear the binaural surround-sound on Sao Paulo!

Here is Stephen listening to the song two years ago.


  1. Luz

    Exquisite! Mil gracias Ottmar & friends for such listening pleasure.

  2. Adam

    Ottmar – I’ve always noticed Up Close sounds better (or at least more 3D) with over-ear phones as opposed to IEMs (even if they’re nicer) like my Ety ER-4Ps. Does that sound right, or am I imagining it?

  3. Adam

    And thanks so much for posting the beginning of Under the Rose!!! My dorm finally got a set of working speakers today and I can’t wait to have a listen.

  4. Ottmar

    Yes, I agree that old-fashioned “cans” work better for binaural music. Although I think that Shure IEMs work fine and that the problem lies in the open nature of the Apple in-ears, or other brands like that. It creates cross-talk, meaning that the left ear does hear a little bit of the right ear information and that ruins the binaural quality. You can easily check this by cupping your hands over Apple-style ear-phones. The binaural imaging instantly improves.

  5. steve

    >And now for something different. Per Steve’s request, more 24/96 files!


  6. Will

    Very nice crisp sound. Digging it!

  7. Carol

    What a fortunate thing it is that you two got together. Those instruments were meant for each other….with artists like you plying them.. Indescribsbly beautiful Thank you.

  8. steve


  9. Brenda

    The song Under the Rose is a beautiful story of heart felt strings. Beautiful story of life to be heard over and over again and the Rose does not age.

  10. Panj

    …i already dropped you an email but wanted to state publicly that Under The Rose is one of the most exquisite pieces i have ever heard…very refreshing to the Soul!
    Thanks to each and evey one of you for creating this Pool of Healing! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

  11. Adam

    Thanks for uploading the rest of the album! Been looking forward to it all week :) Rocking out to it right now.


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