Wednesday in Tucson

We arrived in Tucson. Had a coffee in the slacker cafe around the corner, which seemed to be doing better than ever. Then lunch with MC. And then I found this in my inbox:

Went to my local Target to make sure you were prominately displayed and you are on the top…check out the display photo below…appears to be selling well! There were two left in the rack so I bought one!

Thursday in Tucson

Last week I made a whole bunch of radio edits for “The Scent of Light”. Very strange, to try to condense an 8 minute piece into a mere 3 1/2 minutes. Like cutting adjectives out of a sentence… Although, in some cases a very different song appeared, which made the editing/shortening process interesting.
Leaves against Color
Early morning walk in Tucson.

Sitting in “Shot in the Dark” in Tucson with Jon. Good coffee and free Wi-Fi. 100º in Tucson today, 108º in Phoenix tomorrow.
Downtown Wigs

Back at the Fox they are changing the sign:
Changing the Sign

C suggested that the editing might be similar to removing vowels…

Lst wk md whl bnch f rd dts fr “Th Scnt f Lght”. Vry strng, t try t cndns n 8 mnt pc nt mr 3 1/2 mnts. Lk cttng djctvs t f sntnc… lthgh, n sm css vry dffrnt sng pprd, whch md th dtng/shrtnng prcss ntrstng.

Maybe I’ll post one or two of the edits here. In some cases a new piece appears and it’s nice.

PS: The audience at the Fox in Tucson tonight was fantastic. Thank you!!

Stevo took this photo of the stage in the Fox Theater:

Link to Stevo’s impressions