Thursday in Tucson

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Last week I made a whole bunch of radio edits for “The Scent of Light”. Very strange, to try to condense an 8 minute piece into a mere 3 1/2 minutes. Like cutting adjectives out of a sentence… Although, in some cases a very different song appeared, which made the editing/shortening process interesting.
Leaves against Color
Early morning walk in Tucson.

Sitting in “Shot in the Dark” in Tucson with Jon. Good coffee and free Wi-Fi. 100º in Tucson today, 108º in Phoenix tomorrow.
Downtown Wigs

Back at the Fox they are changing the sign:
Changing the Sign

C suggested that the editing might be similar to removing vowels…

Lst wk md whl bnch f rd dts fr “Th Scnt f Lght”. Vry strng, t try t cndns n 8 mnt pc nt mr 3 1/2 mnts. Lk cttng djctvs t f sntnc… lthgh, n sm css vry dffrnt sng pprd, whch md th dtng/shrtnng prcss ntrstng.

Maybe I’ll post one or two of the edits here. In some cases a new piece appears and it’s nice.

PS: The audience at the Fox in Tucson tonight was fantastic. Thank you!!

Stevo took this photo of the stage in the Fox Theater:

Link to Stevo’s impressions


  1. Suntot

    WOW!!! What an awesome performance in Tucson. It was our 4 year wedding anniversary, and this was a very special treat. You guys played sooooooo good. THANKS Ottmar and Luna Negra!!


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