Wednesday in Tucson

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We arrived in Tucson. Had a coffee in the slacker cafe around the corner, which seemed to be doing better than ever. Then lunch with MC. And then I found this in my inbox:

Went to my local Target to make sure you were prominately displayed and you are on the top…check out the display photo below…appears to be selling well! There were two left in the rack so I bought one!


  1. Kaz

    Wednesday in Tucson; One more window opens and with it letting the rays of your music come shining through!
    Congrats!!! The display stand looks great! I’m sure we’ll make some new “OL friends” soon!
    PS. You should see my cousins’ Tony and Joe’s new cheek tattoos! ;)

  2. Panj

    The Cream always rises!…:p)

  3. Luz

    Note to self: Stop by Target this evening and pick up a few of these for myself and for gifts.


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