Monday HD

For Steve and others who have the computer setup and D/A converter to listen to 24/96k files: It’s Red Desert Sky, from One Guitar, and you can download the AIF file here. This is a 170MB file and you might not want to download that on yer phone… well, no phone I know could play the file back anyway.

For all others I have a 320kbps mp3 file of t-one 1996. Download the file here. This is a continues file, same as on the CD, not cut up as you would find it in the ListeningLounge. This is also a rather large file at 157MB.

Monday Music

Today’s music is a full-length album in mp3 form. It was recorded while we worked on The Hours Between Night + Day in Santa Barbara in the Spring of 1993. It’s ambient music of some sort and contains many sounds I recorded while on tour in 1992. We called the album one 1993 and had a thousand CDs manufactured.

Download the 171MB 320kbps mp3 file here.