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02009-04-13 | Music | 12 comments

Today’s music is a full-length album in mp3 form. It was recorded while we worked on The Hours Between Night + Day in Santa Barbara in the Spring of 1993. It’s ambient music of some sort and contains many sounds I recorded while on tour in 1992. We called the album one 1993 and had a thousand CDs manufactured.

Download the 171MB 320kbps mp3 file here.


  1. Adam


    Thanks :) This is bound to be a ball of pure awesome. Precursor to the t-one album from way back?

  2. Carol

    …and I love it ! ONE to muse by.

  3. James

    Listening to this at work, just a couple miles or so from SBSD, and it sounds very good here (on a pair of Ultrasones). The Hours Between Night + Day is one of my all time favorite albums; 1993 is a fitting complement, a bit like soundtrack + score.

  4. Ottmar

    Would be interesting to combine The Hours Between Night + Day and 1993 into an almost 2 1/2 hour seemless experience.

  5. LindaW

    I couldn’t download until I got home.. but well worth the wait!

    I’m listening with headphones.. eyes closed and find my mind creating a movie to this incredible soundtrack.

    I think just the tracking order would be interesting to see, with 1993 merged together with The Hours Between Day + Night.

    Thank you Ottmar, this is wonderful…

  6. Boris

    The idea of combining the two albums sounds wonderful. Trying to imagine how it might be sequenced. Listened to 1993 last night, watching the dark trees and mountains.

  7. dave

    Interesting idea, Ottmar. I think I’ll change my office rotation to Hours, one, Opium, t-one.

  8. Ottmar

    James: which Ultrasones pair do you have and do you like/love ’em?

    Dave: doesn’t quite work since one and t-one are only one track per album… would have to chop it up so they can be interspersed between the tracks from THBN+D and Opium. I don’t have the rights to THBN+D or Opium, but I could cut up one + t-one into chunks that make sense and then you could load it into iTunes (together with THBN+D and Opium), make a playlist with all of those tracks and set the preference to 6-12 second crossfade and voil√°… you’ll have a 6 hour marathon musical journey… add “The Scent of Light” and you’ll nearly have a full day of music.

  9. dave

    Since I use a 5 cd changer at the office, I was figuring on simply putting all 5 cd’s in starting with Hours leading into one leading into Opium 1 & 2 & finish with t-one, put it on repeat all & I’ve got a nice work atmosphere.

  10. Carol

    Was this the music that had me spellbound when I walked into the semidarkened Guthrie theater in Mppls? It was “The Hours between Night and Day” condert and the first of yours I experienced. Needless to say, I was mesmerized.

  11. Boris

    Please do that, if u can afford the time!

    Oh, and, um, a suggested playlist maybe … :)

  12. James

    Ottmar: HFI550. Love them for bass especially. Nice, deep, solid bass. One might not even need a subwoofer with them :-) Definitely more low end emphasis than my MDR-V600 pair, so I would guess they are darker sounding than your your MDR-V6s too. They have good isolation, are comfortable and not fatiguing to the ears after extended listening. A little less ‘inside your head’ sounding than other headphones. Perhaps not the best for critical listening but excellent for tracking bass and drums. Their high end models are supposed to be better for high frequency material, but I haven’t checked those out. Overall I am very pleased with them.


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