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For Steve and others who have the computer setup and D/A converter to listen to 24/96k files: It’s Red Desert Sky, from One Guitar, and you can download the AIF file here. This is a 170MB file and you might not want to download that on yer phone… well, no phone I know could play the file back anyway.

For all others I have a 320kbps mp3 file of t-one 1996. Download the file here. This is a continues file, same as on the CD, not cut up as you would find it in the ListeningLounge. This is also a rather large file at 157MB.


  1. steve

    Oh man … SWEET! Another 24/96 file! THANKS OTTMAR!
    A friend of mine and I are “A/B -ing ” my “homebrew” Burr-Brown based DAC with the Apogee “Mini-DAC”

    THIS will be nice to add to the evaluation!

  2. LindaW

    Thank you, what a wonderful gift to wake up to!

    Ottmar, you are definitely validating my purchase of a better sound card! ;-)

  3. Adam

    Awesome! Hmm… wish I had the gear ;)

    So is the t-1996 file the same as the one at the Lounge except that it’s not split?

  4. Vic

    Thanks for the download of t-one, Ottmar. I’ll need to set aside some quiet time to listen to this.

  5. Carol

    I like to just let this and “ONE” just set the mood for whatever I’m doing …or nothing. It’s a remarkable assemblage that melds so beautifully.
    Is your friend Lopsang still living? His wonderful voice adds so much.
    And I’ve often wondered what you had in the dryer….shoes?


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