Transit 3: migration

Transit 3 Cover Sq

Jon Gagan’s third Transit album is now available in our ListeningLounge. Click on the above image to go there.

Transit 3: migration contains 15 songs with performances by:

Jon Gagan – bass, keyboards, sound design
Eddie Garcia – drums
John Bartlit – vibraphone, marimba
Ottmar Liebert – flamenco guitar, electric guitar, wah, handclaps
Dimi Disanti – electric guitar, solo electric guitar
Robby Rothschils – djembe, calabash, conga, cajón, percussion
Nancy Gagan – vocals
Deborah Domanski – vocals
Mark Clark – bongos, udu, seed pods

Saturday Evening in Yokohama

The Blue Note van/bus took us to Yokohama at 12:15. This time we elected to travel without an engineer and to our relief the crew at Motion Blue was fantastic – we all commented that we wished we could take them with us. Very capable, efficient and friendly. The club provided Jon with a keyboard amd Michael said the house-drumkit was excellent. The house-engineer didn’t appear to speak a lick of English but mixed FOH and our monitors and it sounded great. After soundcheck we left to grab a bite to eat and as we got ready to leave, the club’s manager joked with us “please come back”.

We performed at 18:30 and 21:30 and were very happy with our playing. Great grooves and very funky. Michael keeps getting better and better. The trio version of “Firelight” from The Scent of Light sounds great with Jon’s bass taking over the melody at the end of the first section. I asked him whether he turns up the volume knob or stomps on one of his boxes for that line, because it comes in nice and powerful, but he said he just plays a little harder and the bass does the rest. The quality of that Lakland bass and the dynamic range it produces are amazing! It was nice to see heads bobbing and bodies swaying in the audience. I kept my talking to a minimum, which you know is hard for me to do because I like to talk…

The club is located near the water front and here are a couple of photos around sunset:

Thirteen Years Ago

Tour Report #1
report: october 13th, 1996

Jacksonville, Florida: the Florida Theater is our first headlining show since Greece…luckily we get a long soundcheck and can rehearse all the pieces we haven’t played in all the weeks with Santana…tonight i get to use the Midi guitar again…Jon and i go for lunch to the nearby Riverside Mall and end up searching for a relatively quiet corner where we don’t have to hear the loud music that fills the mall, courtesy of a country music radio station and a P.A. system set up on a stage…

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