Later that Friday

I think Burning Up might be a good title for this one.

Manual exposure: f/4 and 1/20 sec.
Interval: 1 exposure every 9 seconds
Total number of images captured: 2,181
Number of images used: 2,039 (((one candle fell over near the beginning)))
Quicktime movie assembled at a rate of 50 FPS (frames per second)

That means 19,629 seconds, or about 5 1/2 hours, were compressed into 40 seconds…

Inspired by this video on Flickr

Here is the same video on Vimeo. Which plays back smoother?

Neo Bohemia Slideshow

Y. made a slideshow for neo bohemia, but said that it wouldn’t play for some reason. I tried posting it to this Journal and it seems to work fine… I was going to remove the slideshow once I could see whether it was working, but it looks nice and I hope Y. will let me keep it here.

Check out the incredible “Ottmar” calligraphy, inspired by this post about Xu Bing.


Breakfast with Jon. Then he went back to his studio to work with Round Mountain, who are finishing up their next album and I went home to work on a new slideshow for my solo performances. It will be ready for the concerts in Europe in October, but I hope to premier it in San Francisco next month.

I want add two new elements. Words and video. The words will be in many different languages, maybe reminiscent of the words on Opium which were spoken in Farsi, Russian, Korean and French. Here are a couple of glimpses:

The video at the top was not formatted correctly and ended up being a little horizontally stretched, but you’ll get the idea. There will be more glimpses to come in the next few weeks. For extra fun you can start both videos…

Pasatiempo, the arts and culture insert published by the New Mexican newspaper every Friday, had a full-page and nice (I am told – I haven’t read it) article on our Lensic concert next week. They used Roshi Joan Halifax’s photo from Kham for the piece, which I think is great.

Did short interviews with local public radio station KSFR at 11:30 and 17:45.

Sadly the other local station (((KBAC cough, cough))) cancelled an interview that was set up for this past Tuesday at the last minute, demanding that we buy advertising time for the benefit in exchange for the interview. For a BENEFIT!! That’s a serious lack of community-sense, I say!

Lost in Translation One and Two.


Breakfast at CC. Ordered a Vietnamese coffee. They gave me a cappuccino with a little sweetened condensed milk added. I told the person behind the counter that it wasn’t like any Vietnamese coffee I had ever had. Vietnamese coffee is usually served iced and is a feast for the senses. It is a ritual, as the coffee is coarsely ground, then individually brewed with a small metal Vietnamese drip filter, into a cup containing condensed milk. The condensed milk and coffee are stirred together and poured over ice. There is a certain scent when drops of coffee hit the condensed milk and of course a big flavor…

I must have looked upset, because the person came by our table and offered to take back the coffee. I gladly exchanged it for a regular cup of joe. What was really funny, was that I was told the owner of the restaurant was proud of his Vietnamese coffee…

Jon suggested a new name: Viet-no-mese Coffee

Uploaded some photos I took of Stevo in Palm Desert. Here is a link to the Slideshow on Flickr

I spent most of the evening in the laboratory, the result of which you can hear tomorrow…