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I think Burning Up might be a good title for this one.

Manual exposure: f/4 and 1/20 sec.
Interval: 1 exposure every 9 seconds
Total number of images captured: 2,181
Number of images used: 2,039 (((one candle fell over near the beginning)))
Quicktime movie assembled at a rate of 50 FPS (frames per second)

That means 19,629 seconds, or about 5 1/2 hours, were compressed into 40 seconds…

Inspired by this video on Flickr

Here is the same video on Vimeo. Which plays back smoother?


  1. Brenda

    My goodness gracious! How wonderfully creative! You and your Inspired Flickr Videos are joyful wonder to our hearts! So relaxingly fun!!!

  2. yumi

    Had to play them at the same time. Like the depth/tones of the first video.

  3. ottmar

    I uploaded the same file to both Flickr and Vimeo. That means that the difference is a result of their encoding of my file for streaming. Will ask Canton do our encoding so we have a third version…

  4. dave

    The Flickr vid has a warmer tone.


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