Video killed the Radio Star?

This article in the Guardian argues that since every person has a finite amount of spending money and since Games and DVD sales have gone upe dramatically – game sales more than tripled and movie sales and rentals nearly doubled – there was simply less money left to buy music.

But, one could also say that it is easier to obtain and download free music than it is to obtain free games and movies – the gaming and movie industries use much more serious DRM than the music biz, which has actually dropped DRM in most cases.

Are downloads really killing the music industry? Or is it something else? | Technology |
The first clue of where all those downloaders are really spending their money came in searching for games statistics: year after year ELSPA had hailed “a record year”. In fact if you look at the graph above, you’ll see that games spend has risen dramatically – from £1.18bn in 1999 to £4.03bn in 2008.

Meanwhile music spending (allowing for that * of adjustment in 2004 onwards) has gone from £1.94bn to £1.31bn.

DVD sales and rentals, meanwhile, have nearly doubled, from a total of £1.286bn in 1999 to £2.56bn in 2008.

Six Days

Guys Who Cut Their Own Hair | A Film Of stAggering Genius
…a documentary had actually been made called Six Day Bicycle Race- America’s Jazz Age Sport.

My dad took me to several six day bicycle races in Köln. They were always scheduled at the end of the year when school was on break. I thought it was very exciting. I remember the riders relaxing (because their partners had taken over from them) and talking to one another with one foot in the clip and the other one on the handle bar, steering the bike. Might have to order the DVD – Netflix doesn’t have it.

File under Ideas

New slideshow with three elements:
1) still image/photo
2) video (about 10 seconds in duration) without camera movement and with one or more visual elements moving at some point – e.g. view of street with a car moving through the field or a leaf blowing across, or a cloud moving slowly…
3) time lapse photography, e.g. 10 photographs of 1 second duration each

I think combining these elements would create interesting visual rhythms that would run along or counter to the music’s rhythm. Right now, using only still images, the rhythm is more like that of a clock, even and constant.

I will try working with Keynote for several reasons:
– Keynote can mix photography and video
– I know the program quite well already and programming would be easy – unlike Flash, which has a big learning curve
– if I mix still, video and time-lapse elements I might NOT want randomness, because I would not want to see several videos in a row. The randomness could be faked by using the iChing (like John Cage) for example.

Mapping the Rendezvous

Here is a little update regarding the movie Rendezvous which I wrote about a while ago
. Would be fun to film a person on a bicycle taking the exact same route…

Mapping the Rendezvous
Claude Lelouch’s masterpiece of the late ’70s was released on DVD a while back, finally giving us a chance to see it, and the nine-minute short has now hit the internets ( – also here). Rumors abound surrounding the film, which Lalouch has been tight-lipped about ever since the film’s release. The general consensus is that the car involved is a Ferrari, but even that’s been called into question. Meanwhile, some noble savage took the time to plot out Lelouch’s route across Gay Paree via Google maps.
C’est un Rendezvous via Google Maps [Renegade Tourist]
(Via Jalopnik)