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02008-04-17 | Ideas, Performance, Photos, Slideshow | 1 comment

New slideshow with three elements:
1) still image/photo
2) video (about 10 seconds in duration) without camera movement and with one or more visual elements moving at some point – e.g. view of street with a car moving through the field or a leaf blowing across, or a cloud moving slowly…
3) time lapse photography, e.g. 10 photographs of 1 second duration each

I think combining these elements would create interesting visual rhythms that would run along or counter to the music’s rhythm. Right now, using only still images, the rhythm is more like that of a clock, even and constant.

I will try working with Keynote for several reasons:
– Keynote can mix photography and video
– I know the program quite well already and programming would be easy – unlike Flash, which has a big learning curve
– if I mix still, video and time-lapse elements I might NOT want randomness, because I would not want to see several videos in a row. The randomness could be faked by using the iChing (like John Cage) for example.

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  1. Laurie

    i am enjoying where you are going with this…

    i had fully planned on being in Cambridge tonight but unfortunately life has had other plans for me lately… i am glad to hear you are having fun – have a safe trip home.


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