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02023-04-07 | HuHeartDrive, Lx, Photos, Recording, Studio | 4 comments

Did some work on a new piece this morning. This is the HuHeartDrive Mobile in situ in Lisbon. The Genelec are powered monitors I bought in the mid Nineties. Carried them here in a suitcase a year ago. I use them to play music in the apartment, normally plugging them straight into the computer. In this case they are plugged into the headphone output of the MixPre6. The second screen, on the left, is my iPad and it’s attached to a foldable magnetic stand by a company called Lululook. I carried the stand in my carryon bag. Left of the laptop are the MixPre6 and the Euclid IEMs, to the right is a vertical Bluetooth mouse by Logitech.


  1. Steve

    This is a sweet little rig. ( Do the Genelec’s provide enough bass? )

    • ottmar

      They are quite remarkable and I find that they have enough bass. Link to Genelec page about the 1029A speakers. Just discovered there is a subwoofer to go with this pair: 7050A. Probably not a good idea for an apartment? :-)

  2. Steve

    >Probably not a good idea for an apartment? :-)

    Probably best to stay on good social terms with neighbors and landlord.

  3. Ali

    I have the same Lululook for my iPad Pro, and love the simplicity, aesthetic, and quality of it.

    Playing La Luna from Bare Wood loud with sub will send some waves for sure. = ]


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