Snoopy in Daytona

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Arrived at the motel around midnight. What a dump. Spring break and biker place, I imagine. Lots of stuff broken and carelessly mended. Obvious now why there were no interior photos available. Gotta take the ugly with the beautiful. We have stayed in an Ottoman palace and grand hotels and we have stayed in some awful places as, I imagine, every musician has. It’s part of the life. This place was run down but not grimy.

The next morning we met in the parking lot, each of us wanting to get away early, for once. And then Jon coined a new phrase. One of us had slept in their clothes, on top of their bed, and Jon said you did the Snoopy…because Snoopy never sleeps in his doghouse, he always lies on top of the roof. Yes, came the reply at once, I snoopied. It’s part of the vocabulary now. When you snoopy, you lie on top of the covers, preferably in your clothes. You are welcome. Take it and make use of it.


  1. JaneParham

    The curtains add an interesting touch!

    How about my room in Guatemala:. Electricity off at 8pm, only a trickle of cold water for a shower, and a welcoming lizard waiting in the shower stall. It was fun! Uh huh!

    I loved the jungle and the food, though!

  2. Y.

    Funny and an immediate visual.
    Good humor, Jon.


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