Yellow Pants

02022-12-31 | Art, Photos | 3 comments

Painting by Lisi-Tana in my office.

from the post Backstage in Saratoga – 02020-02-06:

Yellow | Ottmar Liebert (02020-02-04):

We live in turbulent times and I was tempted to record an album of sad, sad music and wear only black clothes. But I remembered a study that found that most people WILL feel happier after they smile. So I made an album that’s upbeat and which makes me smile every time I listen to it. And so I am wearing color, like these yellow pants, because they make me smile. And because most people wear dark colors in turbulent times these pants were on sale for only $25. So I got my smile for cheap.


  1. LT

    Cheap smiles very different from cheap laughs.

  2. Elisabeth

    It’s a beautiful painting !… Every day, I find a reason to be deeply amazed even when I’m in pain… It’s very important for me… Changing the way I look at things… When I’m painting, colors change me… I need yellow, blue, red and white to illuminate my soul… They are my heart’s colors and they don’t cost money ! Every day I can offer my smile to the world, it’s all my love for it… I send you my smile and my light !

  3. Ali

    Happy Pants!


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