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I sometimes wear yellow pants on stage for the same reason that I created an upbeat album, called FETE. We live in turbulent times where discourse has either withered or is drowned out by social media.

Our parents taught us how to speak to strangers, how to ask what time it was or how to get directions, but nobody taught us how to use social media and perhaps that is why it became such a mess.

I myself am a lurker. From time to time I check Insta or Twitter, but I rarely post anything. I don’t like the tribalism and the bifurcation. Social media is apparently capable of, and perhaps was intentionally geared towards, bringing out the worst in us. And how could it not? Where blogging tended to be longer in form, Twitter and Instagram limit the length; therefore, most content becomes slogans and shouting and posturing and chest beating.

Here is a genuine problem that needs to be addressed: on one hand anonymity enables people to express themselves in areas where they might be attacked for their opinion, whether they be political dissenters or minorities, or people who are LGBT. Let’s not forget that being gay can mean prison, or worse, in some places. On the other hand anonymity allows people to say hurtful things that they would NEVER say if people knew who they were.

We live in turbulent times and I was tempted to record an album of sad, sad music and wear only black clothes. But I remembered a study that found that most people WILL feel happier after they smile. So I made an album that’s upbeat and which makes me smile every time I listen to it. And so I am wearing color, like these yellow pants, because they make me smile. And because most people wear dark colors in turbulent times these pants were on sale for only $25. So I got my smile for cheap.


  1. Dennis M Gorman

    I was at the first show Thursday night with my wife, the show did make me smile, a lot. My wife seemed to be in total appreciation mode as she closed her eyes and listened. The music never disappoints. We were only 7 feet away, nice to be emerald in your music.

    • Steve Lea

      Yes Fete is an upbeat ray of hope. Never lose hope – our children and planet are depending on us!

  2. George kerr

    Your music lifts the spirit of so many. I hope you continue to wear the yellow or blue or red pants. These times need a positive lighter side. Looking forward to seeing the Lensic show. Om Mani Padme Um.

    • Dorothy

      I like the yellow pants! The more color in our world the better! I discovered your music by the Christmas CD Santa Fe… which was always my first album to listen to as Christmas approached…so when your concert in Clearwater came up I got tickets.

      I thoroughly enjoyed your performance and I chose to close my eyes while listening… I guess taking away one sense makes the others more heightened… I’ll be watching for information on your next visit to the Clearwater/Tampa area!

  3. Catherine Griffin

    Yellow is such a happy color.
    It’s also a great song!
    Look at the stars
    Look how they shine for you
    And everything you do
    Yeah they were all yellow
    I’ve seen many concerts, but never yours.
    That’ll change some day, I’m sure.
    Be well, Ottmar

  4. Margaret Gilmore

    As I sit here at my desk in my black pants, green floral top and a bright mustard yellow sweater, I read your story with a big smile! This was a much needed smile while taking a break from grading. Thank you dear sir for once again bringing me pure joy and happiness with your music and your musings! Wishing you peace and joy~ Margaret

  5. Billy Jackson

    Great perspective! Thank you for sharing these thoughts & for sharing your gift of music which brings a smile to so many!

  6. Linda West

    OMG Ottmar. I remember outlast meeting at the Soiled Dove in Denver… you.. the Yellow jeans and the multi-colored toe nails. I remember your comments after the show.and I applaud your decision do to do so!

    it is not the clothes we wear.. or the venue they are worn in but more the the spirit that are worn in. I adore your yellow jeans are the spirit that you had shared with me as to why you had yellow jeans… We need to celebrate being alive, no matter what!

  7. Annette Wandler

    I love your yellow pants. Thank you for posting – it’s a ray of hope that is so desperately needed in these times.

  8. Laurie

    Thank you. What you say in this post about our world, social media, and discourse today is what we feel. That is why we bought FETE–it makes us smile and, in turn, relieves some of the anxiety. Color for our ears.

  9. Dolores

    Greetings Ottmar, I have followed you for years, Own most of your CD’s, now I purchase digital due to space issues. Soon as Fete was available I purchased it, thank you for happy healing music, yellow pants & Birkenstock’s. Not a fan of social media & prefer to send a hand written card, letter or note. I like life as simple as possible.

  10. Kathryn

    Excellent post! Thank you for sharing.

  11. Ramona

    I enjoyed reading your blog, it made me smile. Thank you for all of your beautiful music, it has brought me much joy since the 90’s. Keep playing, I’ll keep listening. :-)

  12. Barbara

    For the third year in a row we came to hear you in Ponte Vedra, Florida. You’ve been our favorite for years! I love the idea behind the yellow pants! Yellow is my favorite color! Looking forward to your next concert in our area!

  13. Joseph Middaugh

    Microsoft paints the creative developers offices yellow, which is inspiring and allows for creative expression. I appreciate your thoughts and words, your music speaks for itself and stands alone in a tone deaf world.
    I’m inspired knowing you still produce incredible music and carry a light in a darkened troubled world.
    I became a fan of yours in the 90’s and introduced your works to many people in various salons I have worked in. You have a presence that resonates with others near(live) or afar(recordings)
    As an artist you have inspired my own guitar playing(different genre) for which I’ve always been grateful:-)
    I now am pursuing a change in spirit and career, which may have impact on our spirits(transitioning) and the environment(climate change). Thank you for the previous post about tonal frequencies. I look forward to using the app as I progress with my efforts. Thank you for being an invisible sage, to me over the years and your millions of fans.
    Blessings Profound,
    Peace Profound,


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