Working with Rain

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Yesterday afternoon I spent several hours working on a new Rain Rhythm for this piece. It amazes me how compact my set up is and how well it works. I basically only need three things: my laptop, my IEMs, and the little iLok stick without which ProTools won’t work. I did miss my wireless vertical mouse, which I didn’t bring. I think it was James Wahlgren who recommended a vertical mouse to me (a decade ago? perhaps even longer), after I complained about my wrist getting tired from editing. (Found it… 2010 post).

This year I replaced that mouse with a wireless Logitech MX mouse, which I love. Note to self: bring the mouse!


  1. James

    So glad to hear that vertical mouse served you well for a docade! When I get around to setting up my new workstation, I will have to check out the Logitech model.

  2. Ian

    Hello Ottmar. I am looking forward to your new compositions especially now that you are working in a more mobile manner.

    Would you be willing to share a post on your right hand nails and what you have learned over the years. I am especially interested in your optimal nail length and shape. Perhaps a couple of pictures as well.

    I am really enjoying working now with the Audeze Euclid IEMs – game changers for me.



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