Saturday in Santa Fe

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While the rest of town didn’t get much snow I woke up to about half a foot of new snow this Morning. The first day of Spring: cold, blue skies, sparkling, dazzling snow. Ran to the studio in Crocs to add a couple of new parts Jon had uploaded.
The rolodex. A great rolodex used to spell power when contacts were everything.

The Life and Death of the Rolodex – rolodex – Gizmodo
Mr. Neustadter, who died in 1996, never saw the way in which digital storage would affect his iconic invention. But his daughter insists he would’ve argued that his Rolo-baby was as relevant as ever. When I called to tell her that I was going to include the Rolodex in OBSOLETE, my book about objects that are fading from our lives, she got huffy. She spoke in a tone that requires exclamation points. “They still work! You just can’t carry them around! Places still sell them,” she said. I told her she was right—the book is about things that still exist, but just barely. She continued. “They aren’t obsolete! Give your book another title! You know, look at it this way: computers get viruses! But the Rolodex, it’s never taken a sick day in it’s life.”

Anna Jane Grossman is the author of Obsolete: An Encyclopedia of Once-Common Things Passing Us By and the creator of
I keep forgetting to thank James for suggesting the vertical mouse in the comments a little while ago. I bought this model right away and it certainly made a difference. I like it a lot.


  1. dave

    I actually still use a Rolodex. It’s a 30+ year old model I inherited when I started to work with my dad.

  2. Brenda

    Years ago, I was introduced in an Accounting Office, to an adjustable Arm Keyboard/Mouse tray that fits under the desk, and it makes a big difference in an 8 hour day of data entry using a mouse with keyboard, also.

  3. James

    Glad to hear that vertical mouse is working well for you. Another thing that has helped me involves bringing awareness to the joints, bones and muscles involved in any particular task. This helps to begin the process of enlisting more of the body to do the work, to distribute the load more appropriately. After discovering the role of the pelvis or even the feet in something like typing, working the mouse, or playing an instrument, one’s movement can become easier and more ‘alive’. Please see the following for an example of this kind of training:


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