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“Soil is crammed with bacteria. Its earthy scent is the smell of the chemicals they produce. Petrichor, the smell released by dry ground when it is first touched by rain, is caused in large part by an order of bacteria called the Actinomycetes. The reason that no two soils smell the same is that no two soils have the same bacterial community. Each, so to speak, has its own terroir.”

From “Regenesis” by George Monbiot

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  1. anne

    picked up some of his books today from library…

    first one i opened up, gives think tanks a thumbs down. He is right.

    Academics / think tanks annoy me to no end. …like to gather them all up and lock them in a room – …can’t come out until they have a workable solution. Is that to much to ask? (also applies to authors too…..with all their brilliant analysis/opinions/ideas ).

    BBC/Netflix – has an interesting series …our universe story.

    Earth is a goldilock planet…statistically – no life should be on this planet.

    Planet earth-( with life )is a miracle .


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