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Roots reaching towards the ground, to eventually become an additional trunk.
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The big Banyan tree on Maui often wears little plastic buckets with water in them, hanging just below the reaching roots, to encourage them to extend downwards. I experienced that tree many years ago, in 1995, and learned that Japanese gardners had nurtured it for much of its 150 years. Japanese are the second largest ethnic group in Hawaii (link) and Ewa Villages, near Honolulu, has a population that is nearly 70% Asian. That Banyan in Maui is a wonder to behold. It is about 60′ tall and 200′ wide and fills most of the block that makes up Banyan Tree Park on Front Street, behind the Lahaina Harbor.
This tree is small compared to that giant, and it doesn’t get the loving care of that Banyan on Maui, but it looks well. Give it some time…


  1. Y.

    Often wondered what it was like for the first generation in that long journey from Japan to Hawaii.

    • ottmar

      They made a good choice, didn’t they. I don’t think there was WW2 internment on Hawaii either.

      • Y.

        “An estimated 17 sites throughout the territory were used to confine Japanese and Japanese Americans during World War II”
        -University of Hawaii

        My maternal grandparents moved to California during WWII. It would have been a little different in Hawaii, probably more in the aftermath. I could see the history and community spirit in Hawaii still.

          • Y.

            I think neither info is incorrect. What I previously read read is that there was a curfew and of course, people were detained for questioning.
            Enforcement of the incarceration, as in California was not the same. Not to say that the injustice and damage were not experienced in the same way.

            I will read more about this in regards to Hawaii and the history, thanks to your post.

    • ottmar

      And it’s around 1,300 miles closer than San Francisco?

  2. anne

    one unusual tree …think one tree is around 200ft in diameter.

    – makes a good comparison to very tall trees.

    i am not sure if this is true – Buddha awoke sitting under a Banyan tree??

    (the Buddha story may be untrue- history has a way of making up stories due to needs/events at that time. Regardless, “buddha” or the buddhist philosophy was a new way of thinking in india around 500 BC – a long time ago )

    • anne

      buddism appealed to the low caste masses and the newly emerging merchant classes.

      The key teachings (noble truths , eightfold path) came many years later with the coming of a king -ashoka and empire – mauryan. Ashoka killed alot of people – felt remorse and converted to buddhism. He renounced war as a means of conquest.

      During the reign of Ashoka – the buddhist church was sophisticated and wealthy. Missionaries were sent out to the Hellenistic kingdoms and sri lanka and other places. Buddhism appeal to the leaders – it welcomed converts without discrimination unlike hinduism.

      After Ashoka death – a revival of hinduism occurred threatening the hold of buddhist kings. so some genius gave Buddha a face (and maybe a story?)….closed eyes and peaceful smile. (All hindu gods have a face.)

      Buddhism faded in india but some great monuments were created.

      in my mind – Buddha/or buddhist teachering differs on one key thing from hindu teachers – the no self. Hindu’s believe there is a self that is distinct from ego , mind and embodied existence (personality).

    • anne

      the axial age via a German philosopher Karl Jaspers.

      New thought leaders emerged -:

      Confucius, Lao-Tse , buddha plus many more, …..(Jesus , Muhammad – happened later)

      .in a short span of time ….got some significant new thinking that shaped the world.


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