4th Bare Wood 2 single

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Uma Dança
Today I uploaded the fourth single from the album Bare Wood 2 to my digital distributor. It will be available on 2 September. Why am I releasing these singles, you might ask. It seems to me that, in this time of short attention spans, a single receives about the same attention as an album and this way I can stretch that attention out of over several months. People who follow a “new release playlist” will see multiple notices of a new single rather than just one notice of an album. And the second and frankly more important reason is that I enjoy making the cover art. :-)
I am not sure why, after playing with different ideas for several weeks, I chose this image. Among the different designs I was working on this was the one that grabbed my attention every time. It’s the color, of course, but it’s also the mysterious combination of a photo of the head of a conga with the drummer’s hand resting on it and a photo taken in a restaurant in Chinatown, San Francisco, probably the Great Eastern Restaurant on Jackson street–a long time favorite. In my mind the two images combine to create the performance of a Cuban band inside a Chinese restaurant. Big Trouble in Little China meets Bona Vista Social Club? Food and music… nothing better than that.
What do you think of when you look at this cover?


  1. anne


    • anne

      “O ‘drummer beat the drum harder-.even the winds sway to the beat” –

  2. JaneParham

    Beautiful and mysterious universe!

  3. luna

    Beautiful picture-fusion.
    First thing I see are the colors of the lower chakras, red, orange, yellow. Then I see the symbolic shapes for Masculine and Feminine, pointy and round….in fact most all of the objects in this are round or have a point. Next they are directly facing each other, as in Uma Dąnca, and they are intermingled…..there is a pointy hand with only 3 fingerd showing touching the round red/root/Feminine drum, while there are 3 other pointy items on a round item facing directly the corner of the table towards the round conga. There are 2 round items backing up the pointy items, with red sauce, while the title of the song, Uma Dąnca, and your name are in the blue Vocal Chakra in the middle of the dance. And the Masculine pointy items are mostly in the food picture, while the Feminine big round item is mostly in the music picture….but showing how both shapes, energies are related and carry the opposite qualities thru the 3 pointy things facing each other and the intermingling of shapes and colors on both pictures.
    It feels that this passionate-yet-gentle picture fits the song…..Uma Dąnca of energies at play….shown symbolically….thru fthe senses of food and music.


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