Bare Wood 2

This is the second album in the Bare Wood series.

The album is available in High Definition from Bandcamp.

Bare Wood 2 contains four entirely new pieces plus new Bare Wood versions of music from “Fete” and “vision 2020”. The instrumentation is Flamenco guitar, upright acoustic bass, cajon, and djembe. You will find no keyboards and no electric or electronic sounds on this recording. What emerged was the essence, the soul, the bare wood of the music.


HuHeartDrive 4 • 02021-11-26

Track Listing

1 Black Rose (Bare Version) 04:08
2 Saudade (Bare Version) 04:50
3 Uma Dança (Bare Version) 03:20
4 Walking Beside U (Bare Version) 04:53
5 The Sea Between (Bare Version) 06:04
6 2 Alone (Bare Version) 04:00
7 In the Morning (Bare Version) 04:36
8 Indigo Two (Bare Version) 03:37
9 Las Nubes (Bare Version) 04:28
10 Dance 4 Me (Bare Version) 05:30
11 Serenade (Bare Version) 02:59
Writing+ Publishing

All music written by Ottmar Liebert
Published by Luna Negra Music
Administered by Holland Walk Muse, BMI


Producer: OL + Jon Gagan 4 HHD
Engineer: OL + Jon Gagan
Studio: Oto-Mare + The Electric Company
Mastering: Oto-Mare in Santa Fe
Mixed by: OL
Mix Medium: Digital
Record Medium: Digital

OL – Flamenco Guitar + Palmas
Jon Gagan – Upright Acoustic Bass
Robby Rothschild – Cajon + Djembe

Photography – OL
Design – OL

Agent – Todd Bartleson @ MPI Talent Agency –

OL played a Flamenco Guitar made by Lester DeVoe. He uses D’Addario strings on all of his instruments. Jon Gagan uses D’Addario strings.

Classic Macintosh Sound – recorded, mixed and mastered on a 2003 Apple Macintosh Power Mac G4