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“If the universe is meaningless, so is the statement that it is so,” Alan Watts quipped as he aimed his wry wisdom at the paradox of our search for meaning. “The meaning and purpose of dancing is the dance.”

So I Danced Again


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    And I say:. Nothing is anything.

    That is Ireland’s gift to me during my 3-week adventure there this month. In my life so far, I’ve acquired a collection of impressions of the world, of the long history, of wins and losses, likes and dislikes. Roaming over the lovely green agricultural country called Ireland, I began to see and feel things that did not match my own former impressions. So many structures crumbling in ruin, not only castles, abbeys, and ancient religious mysteries, but just ruined homes and barns. It is still a conquered war zone, a victim if the Vikings, the Normans, the English – Queen Elizabeth I, Oliver Cromwell. There are so many commemorations of the potato famine and the recent violence that split Ireland into two countries. And the roads, sidewalks, cities are still not fully functional, though I saw many beautiful country homes and some new architecture in Dublin. I saw the warm charm of every person I encountered. I realized how we, America, are so intertwined with the Irish people as so many emigrated here. You can see a beautiful statue of John F. Kennedy in the town of Wexford near his ancestral home. Nothing made sense to my mental frame as it was when I first arrived with all my romantic fictions. I don’t know yet what I have learned. Maybe it can’t be known as facts. It just seems that nothing is anything, and I weep. I ask myself “what is real?”. So far I’ve got love, music, algebra, and color.

  2. luna

    …..maybe that could be the title of your memoirs, Jane? So moving, I can feel your heart in the words you put together…..thank you for bringing tears to my eyes and a reminder to my heart.
    nothing is anything. no thing is any thing.
    without “facts”, just asking,
    “what is real?”…then various chapters could include Love, music, algebra, and color.
    …and it is so (per Mr. Watts, of course:>)

    • JaneParhamKatz

      Luna, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  3. luna

    Jane, You Are a Gem…simply put.
    I’m sure you don’t need my words to remind you, but just in case, offering some less eloquent, Yet-Full-of-Heart-and-Beauty-back-to-You Love, Music, algebra, and color! With focus on the music (and Dance per Mr. Liebert, of course:^), while gardening today, I blasted music to flow with and carry me, sometimes dancing and sometimes singing…a big variation…and the song, “Beautiful ” came on from India Irie…the feel of it reminded me what you shared above…maybe check it out…
    much love and gratitude, Jane.


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