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Luz on 2022-01-22 @ 12:03 at 12:03

Just curious as to how Lisbon was chosen to move too? I read some time back that Portugal was one of the most under-rated countries in all of Europe to visit and/or reside.

I was just following my gut, Luz. I had never been to Portugal before last year. The Portuguese language is difficult for me. I have been to Brazil several times and my friends there always laughed at my attempts to speak the language.
And yet… I have long enjoyed Fado music, I love the way Portuguese sounds, I heard great things from people I know who spent time there, and didn’t I want to experience something new and different!?
Having spent a few weeks in Portugal last month I can’t wait to go back to experience more of the place and the culture. By the end of next month I will have an apartment in Lisbon. In the preceding post I wrote about having one leg rooted and traveling with the other. Soon each leg will be on a different continent. I will keep you posted.

anne on 2022-01-23 @ 9:20 at 9:20

just reviewing the band members(U2) “Top 10 songs songs that have saved my life”
curious, any profound songs that shaped your life?

I considered this question all weekend. I wore out the album “Lotus” by Santana and listened to “Samba Pa Ti” many, many times. I remember hearing the album “My Goal’s Beyond” by John McLaughlin in the mid-seventies and being obsessed with it for a while, because he was using an acoustic guitar together with a drumkit and I realized that perhaps one didn’t need to play electric guitar in a group. Hearing Miles Davis play trumpet was devastating… I stopped playing guitar for a little while because i felt that nothing I might play could possibly be as beautiful as the sound of that trumpet. I think his trumpet is why I use so little vibrato when I play guitar, at least compared to most guitar players. It’s also the reason I love Brazilian singers. They don’t use vibrato either. Sade also doesn’t sing with vibrato.
What else? Listening to Indian music, especially sitar players. The band Oregon, with guitarist Ralph Towner. “The Köln Concert” by Keith Jarrett–a totally improvised concert. And we haven’t even arrived at the Eighties yet…


  1. anne

    tks- thoughtful response.

    Music is a great facilitator. A great way to open minds before meetings, workshops, ceremonies etc.

    I have used your music with small groups.
    One person called it weaving.

    (I like to think – music can help to weave something we all can stand on )

  2. Luna

    Hello:>) curious to know what is your favorite vegetable? Fruit? Any specific reason? And what do you consider your favorite dish to cook and or eat?

  3. JaneParhamKatz

    I also find Portuguese a difficult language. It’s almost like listening to someone a bit drunk trying to speak, slurred and leaving out half the vowels! The grammatical structure is nuts (to me), like putting in “the” where it seems nonsense to do so, for example, to say “my mother,” they say “the my mother.” and to express “Damn!” my program taught me to say “Thunderbolts!”. (Raios!). I often laugh.


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