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Last night I watched Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring. Every time I watch the film I notice new detail. This time watching the movie I was struck by the amount of Taoist imagery in a film that takes place around a floating Buddhist monastery.


  1. s

    Thank you for sharing the trail of Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring. Watching the trail brought me tears to my eyes because it brought me a vivid memory of encountering a monk who visited my home when I was a young girl in Korea. He was making a round of collecting grain of rice in a small bowl in a cold winter afternoon. He was wearing thin humble grey robe like the one Rumi used to wear(Rumi apparently owned only one robe for many years until he died. He washed and mended his only garment himself). I remember as a young girl feeling so badly for the monk thinking he must be cold, hungry and probably homeless.
    I am looking forward to watching the movie this evening.

    • ottmar

      I hope you enjoyed the movie. I think it is a truly great film that deserves, and rewards, multiple viewing. Please let me know how you liked it.

      • S

        I realized I watched this movie several years ago at the Screen in Santa Fe. At the time, I scratched my head because I was unable to digest many symbolic hidden meanings in the movie. This time, however, I enjoyed so much more because I was able to understand a little better what the movie tried to portray even though there were a few unexpected scenes especially when the old monk cut short of his own life. If I understand correctly, in Buddhist teaching, by committing suicide one is destined to reincarnate to fulfill what was left undone.
        There is an old saying in Korea that one’s habits last three generations. As Old monk watched what the boy had done to the fish, frog and the snake with the stones and enjoying to watch suffering creatures, the old man told the boy “if any of the creatures is (are) killed, you will carry that stone(s) in your heart the rest of your life.” I wonder if the old monk himself killed a snake as a young boy so he was reincarnated as a snake (a scene where a snake crawls out of his robe before the he kill himself and also a showing of a snake crawling out of the burnt ashes in the boat) it was interesting to see at the end of the movie, the young boy(3rd generation) repeated exact same behavior, but who knows how his life will turn out.
        I might watch it again later.

  2. Joanne

    I’m reading your archives from the beginning and I agree, you play from your heart and soul, that is what I believe is classical music it never goes out of style

  3. Will

    Watched this today, it will definitely take multiple viewings. After watching I did some research and found that Roger Ebert was enamored with this movie.


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