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“I enjoy touring, I really do,” says guitarist Ottmar Liebert in anticipation of his May 30 concert at Sweetwater Music Hall. “I enjoy performing live. It’s fun, especially after spending so much time in the studio. There’s an element of surprise to a live performance that I look forward to. Of course, these days, asking a musician if they enjoy touring is like asking them if they like to eat,” he adds, laughing. “Because if a musician isn’t willing to tour, they’re not going to make enough money to pay the bills. But fortunately, I like to eat and I like to tour.”

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Repairing an Iconic Synth

Here is a very funny story about the pranksters messing with people from the beyond…

Engineer Unwittingly Trips Balls On LSD From The ’60s While Repairing Iconic Synth

Unsurprisingly, Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters outfitted their party bus with several Buchla 100 synths, and rumors that parts of the instruments were dipped in acid—thus allowing musicians to wet their finger and get a little high before playing—have circulated for decades.