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After cancelling my Spotify account because they became too chummy with Facebook, I started a free trial with MOG yesterday, since Jon likes his new MOG account. MOG is a subscription service that is much like Spotify, but MOG streams everything at 320kbps and is considered to stream the highest quality of these services.

I could not tell you how I obtained the free trial, because the website is not very clear. Somehow I found a place to create a sign-in on the site, then downloaded the iPhone app and signed in, and at that point I was offered a free trial.

Spotify claims more songs than MOG, but yesterday I found several albums on MOG that are NOT available on Spotify, e.g. Jeff Beck’s “Blow by Blow” and my album “The Scent of Light” – although that album is credited to “Luna Negra” and can only be found be searching for the album title. (((We are looking into why the album is not at all available on Spotify)))

Both of Stephen’s albums and both of Jon’s albums are on MOG. They should be on Spotify as well, but I didn’t look.

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  1. Steve(brokerbiker)

    Thank you for this info on MOG, I will track it down. Yes, I also cancelled Spotify after you informed us.


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