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Ringtones – taken from this Diary entry and apparently offered as part of a $9.99/month subscription.

As if I needed one more reason why the Diary is becoming private next week.

Fast Food – Ads vs. Reality

The Open:

A sensorial wearable device forcing to smell grass and to hear your own breath. Equipped with fresh sod and headphones, this mask inhibit the visual system while enhancing the olfactory by the proximity with soil.
The device defines also a sensory territory constructed by the rhytm of the breath, which is diffused from the headphones with a 1.5 sec. delay.

Information overload, the early years (Boston Globe)

Nice staircase shelving system


  1. Steve

    Yes I am a ‘paying subscriber’ & thought it worthwhile… I am interested in guitar shops for unique instrument purchases.

  2. Ottmar

    Steve: as I mentioned before, you could contact Keith Vizcarra. He may have unique instruments for sale in his shop or would be able to direct you to other shops.

  3. Panj

    Totally cool storage staircase!


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