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Cunctando regitur mundus – Waiting, one conquers all.

The Cost of Free: It’s ironic that advocates of free online content charge hefty fees to speak at events

The above article prompted a rather weak response from Doctorov: The Real Cost of Free.

Today I read the response to the response, and I am, again, in agreement with the author, Helienne Lindvall. Maybe the tide is turning at last.

Interesting character analyis of TSA agents by a prosecutor and as a defense attorney.

Figure skating with a head cold (photo)

Great piece of Manhattan history: The Abandoned Palace At 5 Beekman Street – what a building!

Would love to try this with one of these. 85mpg.

Know Your Options at the Airport | American Civil Liberties Union
All visitors and lawful permanent residents are fingerprinted on entry into the U.S. from abroad.

That’s a new one. For each and every entry?
I find that it’s getting scary.

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