Thursday in Manhattan

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Received email with proposed poster for Germany in March. Presumably designed by the promoter’s office.

He hates the trumpets! (YouTube)
I laughed so hard when I came across this yesterday… very funny.

Knife forging by Japanese master blacksmith (YouTube)

Call of Duty’s Twisted Advertising Campaign
The next step may be video games tailored to specific groups: Going Postal – for unhappy postal workers, Going Columbine – for unhappy teenager… and so on. What could possibly go wrong?

Images from CERN’s Mini Big Bang

For Buddhism, Science is Not a Killer of Religion

Web 8.0: Avatar is Real and the Human is King

Morning coffee at Stumptown again. Nice Italian dinner at Aurora, on Broome Street, yesterday evening. Walked about 150 blocks on Wednesday.

Just remembered… last week I was listening to Jon’s new electric bass guitar track for “Reaching Out 2 U”. Then I added the original upright acoustic bass. Then I moved the old track to the left, and the new track to the right. The result is not something I would do for the album release – the idea is to use the upright until Davo’s cajon break and the bass guitar from then on – but I enjoyed it and will mix it for your listening enjoyment. Sounds very interesting on headphones.


  1. Ulrich

    Was für ein Ereignis und welch eine Freude: OL + Luna Negra in Deutschland (hoffentlich auch in Berlin!) – das ist schon beinahe wie ein vorgezogenes Weihnachtsgeschenk. Ich hoffe, die Säle sind voll! Ich werde auf jeden Fall einige Leute mitbringen. Herzliche Grüße (auch an die Band).
    (PS: sorry to the english speaking people for this german words: the prospect of hearing OL + Luna Negra in Germany is overwhelming)

  2. Adam Solomon

    Say hi to Manhattan for me! Two and a half months out and I already miss it.

    What’s going on with this new disc? Haven’t heard about it in a while, can’t wait to hear some of those old songs re-interpreted! The new OL is pretty different from old OL so it’ll definitely be interesting to hear a new take on a lot of them.

  3. Carol Anderson

    He hates the trumpets. That is funny.It’s time for me to play that album again. I love it..trumpets and all.

  4. Gudrun

    Ulrich, ich schließe mich gleich Deinem Kommentar an! :-) Ich konnte Ottmar bereits zweimal solo in München erleben. Diese Konzerte sind für mich unvergeßlich!!!

  5. Ottmar

    Ulrich und Gudrun: Ich freu’ mich schon darauf! Ich habe Berlin nicht auf der Liste der Deutschen Städte gesehen, hoffe aber es wird noch dazu kommen.

  6. Boris



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