Friday in Austin

I have a crash of photos to upload and have music ready for download and streaming, but I am going to wait until I get home on Sunday. No need to pay this hotel – we all agree that this hotel may have the worst beds on the planet – money for Internet. I mean, we would be more comfortable sleeping on the bus…

My computer is competing for my attention with the iPad and losing. I seem to only bring it out to download photos from the camera’s memory card, to work on the images, or, if a place has free Wi-Fi, to upload images. Other than that I am doing most everything on the iPad. To a child growing up with an iPad, a regular computer will feel like… a giant IBM typewriter feels to me, or an old fashioned letterpress (((although I do have a real love for old printing presses – worked with them in art school in the Seventies))).

My head is buzzing with ideas. More when I get home.