Tuesday UnderWorld

02009-11-10 | Music | 6 comments

A Denver DJ, who calls himself Klarheit (((German word meaning “clarity”))) did a remix of UnderWorld, from my album La Semana. He contacted us last week and wrote:

There is quite a bit of potential for this song in the House music scene and there is a lot of opportunity for it to be played in some large venues. In fact, I already have a producer who wants to remix my version of the song by the time that David Guetta, a world famous DJ, comes to Denver this next month so he can play the song.

Interesting. I was wondering how long it would take for somebody to remix UnderWorld, always thought it was a very funky number, as is AlhambraJackson. Not necessarily my cup of tea, but it’s also not directed at my age-group. Haven’t been in a dance club in years, might even be a decade or more.

Links: Klarheit on MySpace and David Guetta

Photos of a superbad anti-whaling stealth boat.

Highspeed photography of water droplets:

Good sound advice.


  1. Carol

    What an interesting entry! The incredible adventures of every water droplet is worth looking at again and again..
    Words to live by written by Dr. Schweitzer. His guidance is great….and….I don’t like to narrow myself down to picking favorites, but okay..La Semana is my very favorite collection of music in the world. Your rendition please.

  2. Matt Callahan

    I’ve never been to a dance club but, I sort of like this version. Did you encourage him to play with AlhambraJackson too?

  3. yumi

    Matt Callahan said, “…I’ve never been to a dance club…”

    That’s not what I heard.

  4. steve

    This is pretty slammin’ I really like it!

  5. Brenda

    Amazing lesson of water droplets. So Bubbles are water droplets that escaped the blend of life and float among the stars. :)

  6. Boris

    Pretty cool. It would get me into a dance club. Futuro Flamenco Vol. 3.


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