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No, this is not about poisoned apples

I would like to write an ode to apples, but how could I top Pablo Neruda’s ODA A LA MANZANA (Ode to the Apple) from 1956. What a perfect Autumn fruit! Braeburns, Fujis, Honey Crisps… I could go on. An apple a day etc.

Rode about 12 miles this morning. Rode into town to pick up meds for my dog, then to Counter Culture for breakfast with my favorite bass player. Two more stops along the way and grocery shopping… When one bikes one is a Mensch and I find that people react different to bicycle traffic. Pedestrians smile, other bikers wave, even people in cars sometimes roll down their window and smile. A bicyclist is part of the world, not riding around in an “armored car”, seperated and protected from life, listening to loud music or hiding behind tinted windows… You know what I mean? Santa Fe was not known for being particularly bike-friendly in the past, but – knock wood – I have had only good experiences.

Need more juice for your iPhone? I am looking into this and this option.

Looking for a gift for the holidays?
This is a great idea. And here are two more:
Travertine’s Shea Hand and Nail Cream rocks. Great gift for dry Winter skin. No Parabens!!
Or how about something from Pangea Organics. I use all of their their face-products and the best part is that they are perfect for traveling. The bottles lock up and never open in transit. No parabens, all organic and recyclable glass bottles.

Oh, and we will soon release “Miranda”, Stevo’s first album, wonderfully remastered by Jon Gagan (((if you are working on an album you owe it to your music to contact Jon about mastering your recording!))). “Miranda” contains the music from Steve Stephen PLUS two additional previously unreleased tracks. Stevo also created a new sequence which has a great flow, and I just told him this morning that it feels like a whole new album. We will add “Miranda” to the LL soon, maybe even this week. Other digital download retailers should have the album in a few weeks. We have no plans to manufacture CDs.


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