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Nice ad from a Bike Shop in Portland. See more of their ads here.

Bicycle Design at Core 77

Active Transportation For America Report : TreeHugger
Walking and biking could save anywhere from $10 to $65 billion annually by decreasing U.S. Financial aid towards health care (people would become healthier with exercise), exhaust emissions in the air, and oil and fuel consumption/dependency.

Currently two-thirds of every errand made in the U.S. under one mile are made with a four-wheel vehicle. One reason for this remains that many neighborhoods lack the proper infrastructure to make such trips safely and conveniently. Reducing these numbers could save 2.4 billion gallons of fuel, and between 21 and 45 million tons of CO2 a year.

A single bicycler riding 5 miles to and from work four days a week, can save on average 100 gallons of gasoline, 2,000 lbs of CO2 emissions, and reduce their carbon footprint on this earth by as much as 5 percent.

While current funding represents 79 percent allocated to roads and highways, 20 percent to public transportation, and only 1 percent to bicycling and walking, RTC recommends funding roads by only 37 percent, public transportation by 41 percent, and finally bicycle and walking paths by 22 percent.

With the current projection of our children’s health, they should be expecting about a 5 year decrease in life expectancy, increased risk of cholesterol problems, fatty liver disease, diabetes, asthma, and higher medical costs per year. All these can significantly be reduced with the introduction of exercise, via biking or walking.


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