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Noticed this homemade sign on the way.

Huevos Rancheros, red chile, egg over medium…

Photographer Jennifer Esperanza came to our table (((she took a GREAT photo of Round Mountain in September))) and we talked for a while. I mentioned that it would be interesting to devise copy-protection that made it easy (((important to continue the flow of information))) to copy any given music or photo file, but insured that the copy is of lower quality. Copying or downloading a hi-res photo would yield a smaller jpeg, copying a FLAC or 320kbps mp3 file would result in a 64kbps mp3 file. (((you know, like the cassette copies everybody used to make from LPs)))…

Later Jon mentioned RapRep – rapid replication – which is not far off… At some point we will be able to scan any item in 3D for immediate replication. I suggested that, maybe fifty or a hundred years into the future, copying might become a taboo, like eating humans or sleeping with a sibling. Or maybe it’ll become completely accepted in every form.


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