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Many years ago I bought the Weatherbox set of CDs by David Sylvian. It’s a beautiful set, with graphics printed on each jewel-case that create a nice extra layer of color on top of the cover. I just came across it this afternoon and was thinking that I am going to miss CDs. They are not as graphic as the 12″ LP was, but I actually preferred their size. A CD feels more personal, more intimate than an LP. Like a small Moleskine book. You can stick the package in a small bag, even in the back-pocket of some jeans. And with so many things competing for BIG (bigger and bigger flatscreen TVs, huge photographic prints, large paintings and giant buildings) it is nice to hold a CD in one’s hand. Weeks or years of work by a dedicated musician or a group… they end up on a small round disc that fits in your pocket. Maybe with a nice booklet. Not a huge billboard to view from afar, but something you might sit down with to explore.


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