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A Dutch cycling expert came to Burlington, which is about the same size of his hometown: – Local – Dutch cycling expert rolls into Burlington
Yet, the traffic engineer visiting from Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, is here to help Burlington build its cycling infrastructure. He rides. In fact, his job is all about growing his hometown’s cycling network.
(Via Amsterdamize)

While a group from Portland went to Amsterdam and Copenhagen to learn how it is done. – The Copenhagen Bike Culture Blog
While in Copenhagen the group met with the city’s Bicycle Department, the Transport Ministry and the Danish Cyclists’ Federation. But not before we all went for an introductory bike ride just after they arrived. We rented bikes at Baisikeli, of course, where everyone got to choose they own style of bike. We did a huge tour of the major points of interest – regarding bike infrastructure – and while it’s tricky leading 13 people on a bike ride, it was cosy and brilliant.

I suggested to Mr. Mayor that the Santa Fe City Council should invite the Portland City Councilor, who was part of the group that traveled to Amsterdam and Copenhagen, to come here and share what he has learned. Portland is doing many things right.


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