Friday Morning

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Fiestas started yesterday with the burning of Zozobra. This morning I went to town and had breakfast at the Plaza Cafe (((they make a great green chile and feta cheese omelet))) when mariachis started playing. Nothing like green chile and a mariachi group to get one going in the morning. It was also the first time (((well, maybe second time))) I missed the N95.
I had to look something up on the N95 recently and found the OS to be too slow and browsing too painful to bother, but that camera is great. Here is to hoping that one of these years an iPhone comes with a decent 5MP camera that also shoots video. Anyway, back to the band. They played Guantanamera with a few added lyrics and a Village People-type step (((or was it more like the Commodores?))), which they all executed together and which brought the house down. Three violins, two trumpets, a guitarron and a lot of fun. Live music is wonderful! Afterwards I rode my Brompton back to my house (((without a helmet and with a little extra energy thanks to the music! Oh, and I never wear lycra or cycling shoes – those are for racers or dorks :) ))).


  1. Anna

    Ottmar, I had a look at iPhone again a few days ago. Their 2 MP is fairly good. I took a few photos at the Apple Store with the iPhone and they were crystal clear.

    I am looking forward to purchasing my new toy.

  2. Robin

    I’ve been struggling with whether or not to jump on board with the new iPhone…I’ve heard many first-hand complaints (dropped calls, mail not being pushed through, battery life, etc.). But, I travel a lot and there seem to be several applications that would come in handy while on the road.


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