Soda Water and an Idea

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Went to a local store to buy a soda bottle and cartridges. I like bubbly water from time to time and thought I could make my own. Alas, what I discovered to my dismay was that the cartridges were not refillable. What’s the point, I asked. At least I can recycle bottles.

I remember my mom sending me to the store to return used soda cartridges and to buy fresh ones. If one returned used cartridges one did not have to pay a deposit. Is that still how it is done in Europe or other U.S. states?

Most natural food stores sell bulk, e.g. grains or olive oil, and a few weeks ago I thought it would be nice if somebody sold a stainless steel container that would hold a certain amount of liquid or dry weight. There would be no need to get the container pre-weighed as it would display its empty weight on the container. Stainless steel can be scrubbed and cleaned and does not break. One can always pour the contents into a “display” container at home.

By the way, I clean my steel water bottles and coffee mugs with a little white vinegar. Afterwards I simply rinse and dry and the stale, old coffee smell is gone.


  1. LindaW

    I’m glad that I am not the only one that enjoys bubbly water! I do remember the little CO2 cartridges being around when I was growing up in California. I have searched a bit and the closest I could find is:

    This does look like it contains the refillable cartridge. I guess this would only leave finding a place that can refill it!

    My Whole Foods store sells bulk items in stainless containers. It does make it a lot more earth friendly to buy this way. I simply have a store employee verify the weight of the container before I fill it.

    Thanks for the vinegar suggestion, I knew there had to be a better thing to use than “detergent” for my cups!

  2. LindaW

    (addendum to previous comment: Store employee has marked my empty container weight on the bottom of the container in permanent marker so that we don’t have to weigh it again)

  3. Boris

    Did u know that in Germany, we now pay a deposit on plastic bottles and cans as well? Was the same in Denmark, now that I’m thinking of it… But not in France.

  4. Anna

    Ottmar, in one of the Italian Restaurants in Sydney you can purchase Olive Oil in refillable jars.

    The restaurant has charm and the food is lovely. I think I’ve eaten there at least half a dozen times. Last time the owner asked me how did I enjoy my lunch.

    Not long ago I attended a large function at this restaurant and I think we tried almost everything on the menu with matching wine.

    I’ve had lunch and dinner there. Time to try breakfast :-)


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