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Great design! When Nouveau Flamenco was released in 1990 I briefly considered the record company’s demand that I move to the Los Angeles area. My idea was to live on a sailboat in Marina del Rey. I went sailing in San Diego and eventually picked out a small sailboat designed by Philippe Starck. Alas NF had just been released and the banks said no.

A year later I found my house in Santa Fe and build a studio. I think (((hindsight is 20/20))) this was a much better turn of events for me, since I have been able to record more than half of my albums in a beautiful studio less than a hundred feet from my home…


  1. eric

    i wonder what sort of impact los angeles would have had on your recordings/sound. it seems that santa fe was a good mix as i remember listening to your first few albums and somehow imagined santa fe to be a magical place.

  2. ottmar

    eric: Living in L.A. I might have done more soundtrack work – or I might have gone crazy – who Knows… as a friend of mine said: The buddhist teaching at its core is that we should fervently wish for each thing that had occurred in our lives.

  3. Carol

    hmm, maybe we’d have heard more sea chanties from you and less of the wonder of Santa Fe. It would have been difficult for you to go for a quiet walk on a boat or in the city. I am thankful you did just what you did.

  4. Panj

    You must have wished fervently to…flow…free…wide…deep…ever one with your Muse…for it seems you do…
    I think LA would drain and scatter where Santa Fe feeds and centers…a place where Man and Muse may commune in Peace…

  5. steve1

    The incredible power of “what if …” Lately, I have had a lot of what if thoughts…


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