Wednesday in Dallas

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Stevo took the photo at the House of Blues in Dallas yesterday.

Fun show. Very vocal audience. It was our first concert at the Dallas House of Blues and we all liked the venue and local crew. We played at other HOBs (Orlando, New Orleans, Los Angeles) and this one in Dallas is the nicest one.

House of Blues: one lonely guitar


  1. Carol

    It looks like you are set in the middle of an ornate crown. Nice setting!

  2. Panj

    I thought the same thing Carol, and thought how much like a hand during a Mantra, the medallion above looked…with either a ‘Third Eye’ or a Pearl in the palm. How apropo…:-)….don’t u think?

  3. Panj

    ps…May the road rise to meet you and God Speed, Ottmar and Luna Negra!


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