It’s Saturday Night…

02008-02-10 | Music, Ottmar, Recording | 10 comments

…I guess that makes it alright.
Gave a friend the login to download some early and very unfinished mixes for the new album…

Superb sound… the spacial depth, the mix, the way it all sits. I’m still listening, although my sense is you’ve hit a new plateau, amigo. This could be major.

More later… and good luck tomorrow night!

Ah, almost forgot… the Grammys are tomorrow. I am cooking dinner for friends in the evening and do not have a TV anyway. I will find out about it on Monday morning.


  1. victor

    Can we get a link would love to hear it. Can’t wait to hear the new brew!

  2. Nancy

    Good luck tonite Ottmar! I hope you win!!!!!

  3. Carol

    You do have good healthy priorities…: ) Enjoy your evening.

  4. Anelafoo

    Well, i only watched a bit of it. I had more pressing things to do…a Chinese buffet.

    Dragon and Phoenix
    on the walls of the banquet hall
    click-clack of chopsticks

  5. dave

    Please feel free to send the login along to me. I won’t mind.

  6. Luz

    @Dave: You took the words right out of my mouth!

  7. ottmar

    @Dave and Luz: we are hoping to get the new OL subscription/paid podcast going by the Summer. Subscribers will of course be able to witness the process of recording a new album and will hear new rough mixes as the album unfolds. They will also get minus-one-mixes (without the main melody) and other exclusive versions that will not be available on CD or in the LL. :)

  8. dave

    Ottmar, I look forward to it.

  9. mario



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