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That would be enough for my needs at least 90% of the time. I could borrow or rent the remaining 10%…
(Via Vedana)


  1. Jacqueline(Jackie)

    Predictions and Prescriptions

    LOL Ottmar if only if was that simple…. Happy Holidays!

    In case we all forget, your a staple in many diets, no pun intended!

    I could not imagine , not visiting your insights!


  2. Jacqueline(Jackie)


    forgot to tell you! Its snowing and beautiful snowflakes!



  3. Jacqueline(Jackie)

    Well More than words to say Merry Merry Christmas to you Ottmar your family and friends and wish you all the best! Keep playing I will be taking my favorite song with me ! Shipping out to-night for what appears to be quite a few months!

    Little bit of nerves , at the present moment! of here we go again new crew new ship…So check in when I can ! Till then stay safe and take care of YOU!


  4. Carl Cook

    Great car, so long as it isn’t charged off of normal electrical power, because then the CO2 / exhaust emissions are just being moved from the car to the coal/oil/gas fired power plant, unless the plant is nuclear, which has different “emissions”. Even still, a power plant is probably more efficient than cars and it would be nice to get the exhaust out of the cities. I wonder if they could sell solar or wind chargers for it (if it is possible to create enough “juice” to charge it).

  5. ottmar

    Carl: we could use the Google model: Check this out. Drive to work and solar-charge your car for the drive home (and maybe even for the return to work the next day)

  6. Carl Cook

    Cool! Now *that* would truly help the environment all around, except for some battery disposal issues maybe. Let’s do it!

  7. Matt Callahan

    I see the covered parking area at work as the perfect solar panel location. Park it, plug in, and buzz home at the end of the day.


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