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borya’s slideshow on Flickr
Boris has a slideshow on Flickr that contains scans of Marita: Shadows and Storms, the CD I made with Frank Howell in the Summer of 1989. It went on to become Nouveau Flamenco. The slideshow also contains photos by Ashkan Sahihi for the Sunday magazine of the German newspaper Die Zeit, taken around Santa Fe in 1995.

Here is more of the story: when the paper decided to do a story on me they sent a journalist, who visited Santa Fe, my studio and my home while I was working on Opium. The art director of Die Zeit suggested Ashkan for the photography and we had a great time driving around Santa Fe for shots. Ashkan would later return to take the photos for the Opium album cover.


  1. dave

    Great job, Boris. OL, is Marita available on cd?

  2. ottmar

    Dave – only one thousand Marita CDs were made. They were sold out by the end of 1989. I have a single copy left, autographed by the late Frank Howell. It is not for sale. :)

  3. dave

    One of life’s little bummers.

  4. Carol

    Do you have the photos that one used to be able to get on the Opium CD. You on the mountain, etc?

  5. Diran

    Hi ,Is there any web site to look for Marita CD for sale?
    Thank You.

  6. Boris

    Time for a revisit, I’d say. Interesting development Ottmar took since then. Maybe the guys from Die Zeit should know!

  7. Anna

    Ottmar, have the tracks changed or are they the same as they are on Nouveau Flamenco?

    I’ve found a copy on ebay. They are asking USD3,300

  8. ottmar

    Anna – $3,300? That’s crazy. In 1990 Higher Octave re-mastered the tracks from “Marita” for “NF”. In 2000 they released the 1990-2000 Anniversary Edition, which we remixed and re-mastered. It contains all of the tracks from “Marita” and “NF” and a few more from the same 1989 recording sessions. You can get it for under $20 :) – minus the Frank Howell cover art, of course.

  9. Carol

    gee and I got mine for the bargain price of $50+

  10. Carol

    I’d think that’s very unlkely Anna. Some things one doesn’t give up for money…maybe for love : )

  11. Anna

    Carol, some people will give up things for money.

  12. ottmar

    Anna – I checked out the link and it doesn’t seem crazy at all. For sale is not the CD “Marita”, but the original lithographs, signed by Frank, that were used for the cover.

  13. Anna

    Ottmar, I don’t shop on ebay. I am not sure if anyone would buy a lithograph from ebay, I might be wrong.

    Limited edition CD’s are never available in Australia unless they are made in Australia.

  14. Gudrun

    I have my own memories to this slideshow: After ten years only possessing “NF” I found out Ottmars’ diary, wrote my first comment to it (it was very exciting for me) and Boris gave me a warm welcome to the OL-online-fans (Ich danke Dir Boris, hat mich wahnsinnig gefreut!!).

    After that I clicked to his flickr pics and saw at first this wonderful slide show. I thought, it must be an especially reason for Ottmar to creating “Marita” and changing it to “NF”, I don’t know.

    From then on my passion for Ottmars’ (and Stephen Duros’) music is growing more and more and I’m still here on the diary and you must endure my boring and “bad english” comments.. hahaha :)

  15. Gudrun

    Oh, not ten years, I bought “NF” in the year 1992!!

  16. Rob K.

    Thanks Ottmar for the years of musical inspiration you have given me. We met several times back in the late ’80’s at gallery events held by my late friend and artist master Frank Howell.

    I too have but one copy, unopened and signed by both Frank and yourself, and display it proudly along with various other Howell items.

    Frank’s daughter Kerney gave me a second copy that has been used only to record my user copies from. Would never part with either, they have more spritual value than monetary…


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