Friday, March 16th

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Lunch with David Breeker at CC. We talked about Upaya, the ListeningLounge, digital media in New Mexico, ubiquitous net in Santa Fe and the best movie theater in Santa Fe.

In the early evening I had wine with Greg Gorman at Geronimo. He is in town to teach. I met Greg in 1990 when he photographed me for the covers of “Borrasca” and “Poets & Angels“. He also took the photo for “The Santa Fe Sessions” and these. Of course we talked about photography, Lightroom vs Aperture, his teaching schedule in Mendocino… I think I will go up to Mendo for one of his workshops this Summer or Fall. Sit for some portraits, play guitar, learn something about digital photography, play guitar at a local restaurant in exchange for food ad wine…

Later I tried out this cool GPS setup with my MacBook, a GlobalSat BT-359 Bluetooth GPS Receiver and Google Earth. After installing a couple of free apps, mentioned in the above link, and messing around for a while I got it to work. It worked amazingly well, actually. Very nice!!

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  1. Will

    “play guitar at a local restaurant in exchange for food ad wine…”

    Very cool idea, something nostalgic about that. Could you imagine walking into a restaurant and seeing Clapton or B.B. King playing for their keep. How cool.


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