Monday Afternoon Recording

02007-03-13 | Music, Recording, Santa Fe | 7 comments

Jon and Davo came over and we recorded percussion elements for the Up Close album. Davo worked on three songs and added his special magic using shakers and cajon. He can play shakers for an entire 5 minute piece without faltering even for a moment. Amazing to hear and watch. The Up Close Tangos is basically done. Tweaking the mix is the only thing left to do…

Lots of flashbacks to the early nineties… recording together in Santa Barbara, living in a rented house on the beach in Montecito… jumping a rented Mustang convertible across the railroad tracks by the beach, intoxicated by fresh Borrasca mixes – all four wheels leaving the ground…


  1. Diran

    I’cant wait to hear UP CLOSE.Any news for DVD ?

  2. Carol

    It just does my heart good to hear you three making music and fun together again. And more joy for us.

  3. Mixalis


  4. marc-n-tx

    I’m ready for UP CLOSE as well, but I’m also would be interested in hearing more about the horse jumping! :-) Love those ‘stangs, owned a few.

  5. Adam Solomon

    Living on the beach in Montecito! No wonder where you got the peace + inspiration for those albums…

  6. Matt Callahan

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who likes to jump rental cars

  7. Boris

    How much I love such entries! I immediately put in Borrasca in the car player yesterday and it was a different ride…


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