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Then there is this for example. The site is huge and still operating. They sell most of my music at unbelievable prices and no artist or record company gets a cut of that.
Here is a quote from the BBC:

Moscow prosecutors will not take legal action because Russian copyright laws do not cover digital media, according to news agency Tass.

Oh, our laws are still in the pre-digital stone-ages and that’s why we’ll let these companies get away with massive theft. Well, that and the donations they make to the political parties. Boggles the mind, doesn’t it? Another thought: the music biz (and by music biz I mean the major record companies as well as hardware manufacturers like Apple, Sony, Microsoft) is alienating paying customers with DRM, while those customers could easily obtain DRM-free music for a fraction of the price…

From The Register:

The letter from Jobs follows complaints from European legislators about Apple tying songs bought through its iTunes store to the iPod. The likes of Sony and Microsoft follow a similar practice by using their own DRM technology to trap songs on their own music playing devices.

But enough of this stuff – check out these photos.


  1. Marie

    Ottmar, I guess if you think about it everything is available to thieves. I feel sad for those who accept stolen goods- for they will always want for more. I feel confident that no real music lover buys from those sites. A real music lover happily forks over 15 or 20 bucks to support you in a life of music. They realize that they are not just paying for a CD but instead are watering the roots of their favorite flower hoping it blooms again. A true lover of music who cannot afford to pay cash for a CD and has a burned copy pays you by speaking your name and telling friends about your music. Ottmar, you always give with both hands and your hands will always be full.

  2. laurie

    interesting thread and discussion… i am pretty clueless about the music business
    but sense it is run like many industries these days and is not sustainable in the long run… perhaps a change is coming?

    great photos – thanks for the diversion…

  3. Steven

    I wonder if anyone has considered second hand cd stores that buy used and resell? I don’t think there is any money made by the artist or label in that transaction.

    It seems once a thing that is audio or visual is released for general consumption, all real control is lost. No matter the law, there are no realistic controls to enforce it except maybe rights management filters installed in our sensory organs. Its nature seems free like the air it travels across.


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