Christmas Dinner

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Dinner Salad
Beautiful feast with friends yesterday. This was the beginning of the salad… we added lettuce later, but I had to take a photo of these rich colors!


  1. yumiko

    the colors look beautiful together. so nice to enjoy beautifully prepared food with good friends.

  2. James

    How festive! I hope you knew the trick for easily releasing the pomegranate seeds…

  3. laurie

    just catching up on my reading – sorry for the late comment!

    Glad to see someone else inspired by a meal. Food being prepared (often just in from the garden) is often a subject of photos here… food offers a great array of textures, colors, and patterns and a great way to capture (relish? ) that feeling of digestive anticipation before the food becomes a part of you. Perhaps it offers another way to have a relationship with or make a connection to your food. Have you read The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollen? I highly recommend it…


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