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DUSTIN BRUNSON | Beauty is discovered through DESIGN, ART, PHOTOGRAPHY & MUSIC
Dustin was one of my fellow pilgrims to Kham in October. Unfortunately his web site uses Flash, which means I can’t like to the photos directly. Click on Photography and then Pilgrimage Tibet

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  1. laurie

    Alright… it started with your photos of Tibet and now after viewing Dustin’s I am totally blown away by both of your images…. is it really like that? The color – is it really that saturated? And the people’s joyous smiles – is that just for the camera or do they smile alot? Just amazing… Oh yea, I liked the audio files of the horses bells in your diary… I sat in my snowy Maine farmhouse last week and listened to the little bells around the necks of horses on the other side of the world – enchanting. So hard to fathom this modern world and how we can make that possible and yet be faced with so many challenging issues these days. Thanks for the link to Dustin Brunson’s website… and my world expands… laurie


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